Money was taken but why is there no tokens in my wallet?
Because this is a PreSale, you will not see the tokens in your wallet until after the public launch. Tokens will be airdropped based on the unlocking schedule of your package(s)

When will I get my tokens?
Tokens are airdropped/unlocked at different times depending on your tier(s). Please refer to this graphic to help you plan for your token drop and unlock.

When will I get my KYC approval?
You will receive an email to confirm that you have passed your KYC. If all of your documentations was accurate and legible this should happen quickly.

How do I know if I passed the KYC?
You will receive an email confirmation once your KYC is approved. Please note that your KYC approval does NOT mean that your transation was successful. You can verify that on BSC Scan or ETHerscan

Why didn’t I get the tier I wanted/selected?
The KRED Pre-Sale was a first come first serve event. We are grateful for your interest and eagarness in joining the project and there is still time to get involved early! The Public sale and launch is estimated to happen within 72 hours of the completion of the PreSale.

How do I know I did not get double charged if my package sold out during KYC?
Transactions are viewable on the blockchain just as they are in any other transaction. You can also check the transaction on BSC Scan or ETHERscan

Why did I fail my KYC?
There are many reasons for this – please ensure that you have provided all of the necessary items required for the KYC. The documents must be clear and legible. Be sure that there is no glare that blurs your photo ID, the dates and addresses must be legible on your documentation, also make sure that the address that you have on you ID matches the address on your documents.

Where is my KYC information going and is the info secure?
The information that you provide for your KYC is not sent to nor stored with the JEDSTAR team. It is collected, verified and stored by Sumsub, a third party KYC/AML Compliance Verification Service who is specially equipped for this process. The data is encrypted and safely stored. Please visit thier website if you would like further information on them please visit thier website

How long does it take for the KYC to be approved?
The KYC approval can be completed in as little as 3 minutes. It may take longer depending on things such as the legibility, accuracy and authenticity of your documents.

What if the tier I picked sells out while I am doing my KYC?
If your tier sells out while you are being KYCed, your transaction not be completed and you will have to choose another package. You do not have to KYC again if you have already completed that process

When will the Public Sale take place?
The launch and Public Sale are set to happen 72 hours after the completion of the Pre-Sale.

How do I know it is safe to connect my wallet to the KYC site or JEDSTAR site?
If you have any concerns about the legitimacy or integrity of the KYC Compliance Company we are working with, we welcome you to look through their website.

The Website had issues what can I do?
If you any issues purchasing the pre-sale please fill out the form located here:

Why can’t I proceed to the KYC?
Please make sure that you have connected the correct wallet and that that weallet holds at least 1K JED tokens. If not, connect the correct wallet. If you do not hold 1K JED, you will need to follow the prompts to buy JED to participate in the PreSale (Pancake swap prompt)